Pearl Plaza is a center of attraction on the South-West of St. Petersburg

Pearl Plaza is the largest shopping mall in the South-West of St. Petersburg and a part of Baltic Pearl residential area. Pearl Plaza is a joint investment project of Chinese investor "Shanghai Industrial Investment Company" ("SHIIC") and Finnish investment and construction company SRV Group. Shopping center Pearl Plaza, the first phase of which opened on August 24, 2013, became a kind of "gateway" to the biggest residential area of St. Petersburg  - Baltic Pearl. «Anchor» tenants are PRISMA Hypermarket, М.Video, Detskiy Mir, Snezhnaya Koroleva, Formula Kino Cinema with IMAX 3D. 

Pearl Plaza is the main center of attraction for over 850 000 citizens of Krasnoselsky, Petrodvortsovy, Kirovsky districts of St. Petersburg. It’s one of the best examples of the modern architecture perfectly fitting the lanscape. The unique design of the inner space allows enjoying the beauty of a picturesque view to the Matisov Channel, and the galleries as well. The architectural concept and design of interiors were developed by Larkas & Laine Finnish Architectural Bureau.

The most specific features of Pearl Plaza Shopping Center are high popularity among local citizens and constantly growing traffic: the average daily traffic exceeded 25 000 persons per day in 2016. The growth of traffic is over 15% a year.  

Pearl Plaza has a large level of client service: permanent care about the comfort of visitors of Pearl Plaza is shown in various free of charge services and makes the visits to the Shopping Center more comfortable. The administration of the Center constantly increases the number of such services anticipating the desires and needs of its target audience.

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